Charlotte is the Queen City

Charlotte is known as the Queen city of North Carolina. It is a growing city of just about 1 million people but adding in the suburbs easily gets the region into the millions.

It is located on the southern border of North Carolina and South Carolina and is a central point with access to both the East Coast and the Western region of the state.

The city has invested many years developing a solid infrastructure to support the growth of people moving to the area.  485 is a major highway accomplishment and helps to alleviate much of the traffic around the city.  Interstate 77 has been widened heading north to Statesville and is a fast-moving highway.

It is only about half an hour east of Gastonia in about a half an hour south of Statesville. Lake Norman is a popular spot which is the largest man-made lake in the country.

Charlotte has many parks and major modern amenities with professional sports teams and amazing high-end shopping plazas.

The White Water Outdoor Center he’s only minutes away and is a very popular spot for the outdoor enthusiast who love to hike, bike and raft on the water.

The homes along Lake Norman have exploded in value and more development continues in the surrounding areas east of the lake.  Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius and Mooresville are hugely popular areas to live in and many young families have moved here over the last 10 years.  

My friend Brandon, runs Southern Star Roofing just east of Huntersville and has experienced amazing growth around the region.

He has told me that areas like Dallas, Mount Holly, Mountain Island and Belmont have become highly desirable areas as of late.  

In fact, we went to Nellie’s Southern Kitchen in Belmont last night and it was amazing

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Random Exciting This To Experience Around the World

If you love random ideas then you know the world is full of them. There is so much that you can travel and explore. 

This article will share with you random exciting experiences to try out around the world. 

  • Bird Migration In Australia 

The first thing you need to watch out for is bird migration. This is a common phenomenon that happens time over time. Different birds have different timelines for migration. 

Birds normally migrate to look for food, mate, and breed. Some other times birds migrate when climatic conditions change. Other birds also migrate for different reasons. 

So, when you travel, look out at some of the reasons why some birds migrate. Most importantly, identify the kind of birds you want to watch—research areas where you can watch bird migration. Around the world, you will find bird migrations that you might have never seen. 

If you are not sure where to watch bird migration, try out Australia. Australia is a leading region with bird migration. 

  • Magical World in Bali

If you love volcanoes, beaches, jungles sheltering elephants, Komodo dragons, tigers, orangutans, then Bali Indonesia is the place to visit. It’s basically a paradise in the world. Once you at this place it doesn’t matter what you love, you will be sure to find something interesting to enjoy. This is because you will find more than you can explore at once. 

People who visit Bali once go back. They go to continue exploring and adventuring on different things that could make it easy for anyone to enjoy their vacation. 

Even before you travel to Bali, check different pictures online. See what other travelers say about Bali. You will be amazed by the love that people pour into this part of the world. 

The truth is the love is not just in vain. There is a whole story behind all the fans that we would find over this area. It’s more than anyone would enjoy elsewhere in one place. 

Probably you have doubted different pictures that you have seen on social media. The truth is, you will find Bali exactly like you have seen in most pictures making rounds on social media. 

So, plan and visit Bali for your holiday. Go and enjoy what this part of the world has to offer. You will definitely love it there. 

  • Sleep In Coral Beach Hotels in Maldives 
  • The Maldives 

Have you been looking for a tropical place to visit? Look no further. Your search has come to an end. This is because you have found what most people will never discover. 

The Maldives is by far the most preferred and best tropical and beach destination. This tropical nation is hidden in the Indian ocean. 

The Maldives is made of over 1000 coral islands. When you visit, you will discover some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world. 

White sandy beaches will give you amazing fun. Not to mention, the crystal-clear water is a must swim in. When you visit, you will have everything you have always wished to have. This is because the destination will give you a perfect experience.